925 Sterling Silver

What is 925 Sterling Silver ?

Sterling silver is one of the most popular forms of jewelry that has become quite popular in the last few years. 925 sterling silver jewelry is one of the brightest and malleable metals known to man. Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% of silver and 7,5% of copper along with it. The copper composition in sterling silver makes the metal durable enough for jewelry Sterling silver has a cool metal sheen which makes it popular for women of all age groups.


Benefits of the material

-Durable form of jewelry

When you take care of this form of jewelry is a proper manner, sterling silver can last for a lifetime. Sterling silver owners are aware of the fact that the pieces will still look the same even after forty years. Some of your most favourite pieces can become heirloom in the future ahead. High quality 925 sterling silver isn’t cheap. The cost makes it up owing to the durability of the metal that makes it ideal for daily wear.


-A real value for money

Investing in a piece of sterling silver jewelry at a reasonable price, can be considered as value for money. It is something that would remain just the same even after years, if maintained properly. It is one of the whitest and brightest of metals that you will love to include in your jewelry wardrobe. Compliments are expected to pour in every time when you go for one such exquisitely designed sterling silver jewelry. The sterling silver jewelry can be paired up with precious gemstones, white gold or platinum to give it any desired look that you like. It is an asset for your wardrobe and a real value for money considering how beautiful and elegant it looks on any skin tone.


-Stay trendy with sterling silver jewelry

Jewelry trends keep on changing every now and then. Sterling silver is something that never goes out of trend. So, if you are planning to keep up with the trends, sterling silver is something that you must buy. Even if the design changes, sterling silver will always be a part of the trend. Recently, stones and uncut minerals are pretty much in fashion. These stones or minerals can be set on sterling silver jewelry to make it look fashionable.


-Non-reactive metal for you

Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper which makes it hard metal for jewelry items. There is no nickel in the composition of sterling silver which makes it one of the most non-reactive varieties of all the precious metals that exist. So if you are allergic to nickel or brass, sterling silver jewelry is the right option for you. Pieces made of inexpensive nickel or brass can irritate your skin which is not the case with sterling silver. Especially, for earrings this can be a huge problem where there is a chance of getting infected when a jewelry item has nickel or brass in it. So, sterling silver can be considered as a good option which is hypoallergenic in nature and is ideal for sensitive skin.


-Versatile form of jewelry

Sterling silver is regarded as one of the most versatile form of jewelry. It can go well for your office parties, a wedding party or for a small family outing. Silver adds a classy, elegant touch to your look making it one of the most versatile form of jewelry. Its versatility makes it look good with other forms of metals too. You can mix and match a silver piece with white gold or platinum making it ideal for any sort of occasion.


-Easy to maintain

Sterling silver does not require excessive maintenance hassles. There is no fear of tarnish or rust with time. You just need to wipe and clean the piece of jewelry with a cloth and your jewelry would shine like never before. So, for people who do not have too much of time to maintain their jewelry, sterling silver is the ideal option for them.